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» what do you use to draw?
i alternate between a phone and my computer! for my phone, i use my finger and medibang paint pro.
for my computer, i use a wacom intuos art tablet as well as medibang paint pro.
for small doodles ill use ms paint.
sometimes ill sketch on paper first, where i just use a notebook and a regular #2 pencil.

» how long have you been drawing?
all my life, but i guess i officially started posting it back in early 2012 (i was only nine).

» are commissions open?

» do you do art trades, requests, etc.?
mutuals only, sorry!

» what is your price range?
currently i offer a pwyw with a minimum of $5! im still figuring out actual prices, though.

» how much will you draw?
currently i think im best at drawing busts at most for others, as it isnt as stressful to me and its faster than a full- or half-body.
once i gain more confidence, i might offer larger pieces.

you can find examples of each and past commission work in my gallery.

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