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email: jamiie.arts@gmail.com
discord: muttley#3965
deviantart: @muttilation
facebook: @jamiie.arts

please do not message me on any of these unless to ask about a commission or ask a question.

commission procedure

» commission openings will be held on my deviantart profile, usually in a journal or in the about section.
when in doubt, check here or on my facebook page.

» all commission information will remain in the place of contact, whether via facebook messenger, deviantart notes, etc.
all other inquiries will be held through email, or discord if you are not comfortable sending an email.

» i accept payments through paypal only.

» payment will be sent before work begins either in full, or in small amounts as work is completed.

» references that are provided to me must be high-quality pieces with as little .jpg artifacting as possible.
this means if you send me a commission inquiry through any site that resizes photos or converts them to .jpg images, you must link to your reference on another site (such as imgur or deviantart's sta.sh) that preserves the photo's quality.
if you do not do this, i may refuse to draw your commission or request.

» i will provide 4 wips (work in progress) screenshots.
these wips will be included in the rough sketch, final sketch, lineart and coloring stages.
any changes will also include a wip.


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