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commission procedure (cont.)

» i will allow 3 major changes to each wip i provide.
a major change is defined as anything that completely changes the look of a body part, such as ears or hair.
for smaller changes there is no limit.
there is no fee for changes at the moment.

content restrictions

» suggestive/sexual nsfw poses or props (i am a minor, therefore i legally cannot draw these kinds of pieces; certain text does not fall under this).
any kinks and fetishes also fall under this.

» pedophilia, which includes cubfur/babyfur.

» homophobic/transphobic/racist/etc. content.

» mechanical characters, body parts, and props.

» humanoid characters (i am still working on perfecting them).

» heavy gore and guts (heavy blood does not fall under this).


» i will give partial refunds (half of what you have paid) on the stages before the coloring stage.
» after the coloring stage, i will not give out any refunds.
» refunds will not be given after a piece has been fully completed.

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